Love Changes Everything

“The antidote to the poison of racism is community and solidarity.”(Cardinal Sean O’Malley)
This sign stands on Oakland Street, at the entrance to Mount Saint Vincent in Wellesley. We stand with all those who seek justice and human dignity for all.

More Charity Alive – July 2020

Masks for Wellesley

While looking for darning cotton for the young man's socks, I found out Joann's was giving out free kits for making masks.

Peru during Pandemic 2020

We asked S. Catherine Conroy to make contact with some of her friends and colleagues in Peru to see how they were faring during the time of Pandemic 2020.

Charity Alive – June 2020

Gardens We Know and Love

Many people we know are garden people. They love to be part of the cycle of planting, nurturing, weeding, watering and harvesting (and sharing) from the fruits of their labour. Fruitfulness is a sign of the Spirit.

Issues of Charity Alive

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