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Sister Eleanor Hedwig Quaderer (Eleanor Frederick)

Eleanor Hedwig Quaderer (Eleanor Frederick) aged 86, died September 3, 2021, at Elizabeth Seton Residence, Wellesley Hills, MA. The daughter of Eleanor M. (Langen) and Frederick E. Quaderer, Eleanor was born in Bellmore, NY on April 5, 1935. She entered the congregation at St. Joseph’s Convent, Halifax, NS, on October 8, 1957. Gentle, quiet and unobtrusive, Sister Eleanor’s first assignments were in Quebec, as a middle-school teacher.

Sister Mary Florence Sutherland (Maria Francis)

Sister Maria gave so much throughout her years as a teacher, psychologist and companion to many people on their life’s journey. She was a woman of deep faith and lived out her life caring for the needs of others. She was very professional in her ministries and served others with great compassion, love and understanding. Sister Maria was a gifted writer and had a beautiful singing voice.

Sister Judith Marie Rollo

 “Loved and energized by the One who called (her),” Sister Judith Rollo, with a great love of the congregation and its mission, heard the cry of the poor in all its variations. She was a “dynamo,” as one priest colleague defined her.

Sister Marguerite Hagarty (Rita Thomas)

Sister Marguerite started out as first grade teacher in New Jersey, USA and delighted teaching little ones, whom she loved. Later, Sister was involved in parish religious education in Amherst, Bridgewater, Dartmouth, Halifax, and Herring Cove. Her ministry also included spiritual development at Springhill Prison and participation in Diocesan Ministries including the New Beginnings Program. She ministered as Hospital Chaplain at the QEll Health Sciences Centre and was Community Leader at the Sisters of Charity Motherhouse Retirement Community, a ministry for which she is fondly remembered.

Sister Helen Balch (Helen Joseph)

Sister began her ministry, teaching elementary school and music in New York then returned to teach in Halifax and Shad Bay. Sister Helen used her business training in the Financial and Secretarial offices at the Halifax Infirmary, Mount Saint Vincent DePaul Centre and Pax Provincial House.

Sister Mary MacIntyre (Mary Elmer)

She was a well loved teacher who taught school for 41 years in Nova Scotia, Alberta, Labrador and New York. For fifteen of her years in Education she served as Principal in Herring Cove and then in Enfield. Sister Mary was highly respected by her students and their families for her compassionate dedication to learning and her commitment to ensure that every student received the education and personalized support they required to succeed.

Sister Josephine D’Agostino (Marion Paschal)

Sister Josephine D’Agostino passed away on April 29, 2021 in Long Island, NY. The daughter of loving Italian parents, Mariana (Napolitano) and Paschal D’Agostino, Josephine maintained a deep relationship with her family all her life. Josephine Anna was born on March 1, 1936, on Staten Island, NY. From Our Lady of Good Counsel Parish, Staten Island, she entered the congregation at St. Joseph Convent, Halifax, NS, September 30, 1953. Sister Josephine’s teaching career began immediately after profession at St. Peter School in Lowell, MA., and she held teacher certification in both Nova Scotia and New York.

Sister Jane Ann Houlihan (Paul Christine)

A Sister of Charity for 69 years who was missioned in Our Lady of the Angels School, Richmond Hill, NY; Saint Aidan School, Williston Park, NY. Saint Peter School, Dorchester; Saint Gregory School, Dorchester; Aids Care Center for Children, Roxbury; Youville Hospital, Cambridge; Saint Joseph Home, Dorchester; Elizabeth Seton Residence, Wellesley; Mount Saint Vincent, Wellesley.

Sister Joan Bernadette Mayer

Sister Joan Bernadette was missioned at Resurrection-Ascension School, Rego Park, NY from 1947-48 and 1954-1956; St Sylvester School, Brooklyn from 1948-53; Our Lady of Angels, Brooklyn from 1965-74; St. Nicholas of Tolentine School, Jamaica, NY from 1974-77. Sister Joan also ministered outside the Brooklyn Diocese in  St. Barnabas School, Bellmore, NY; Mercy Hospital, NY; and Dominican Village Senior Residence, NY., Sister Joan Bernadette retired to and resided at Marillac Residence, Wellesley Hills, from 2001 until her death.

Sister Maureen Regan (Rose Edward)

Sister Maureen began her teaching ministry in Brooklyn, N.Y., in 1945 as a primary teacher. She returned to Halifax in 1947, continuing to teach primary grades at St. Patrick's for 11 years. Maureen earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in 1958 and her Masters in English Literature in 1967 at Mount Saint Vincent University. She taught in Quebec for four years, then returned to Nova Scotia teaching various grades in the Halifax and Dartmouth area until 1975. In 1981, she received her Certificate in Theological Studies from Loyola University in Chicago. After retiring from teaching, Sister Maureen was the Director of Novices in the Canadian Novitiate and later Director of the Renewal Center at Mount Saint Vincent Motherhouse, Halifax. Later, she worked part time at the Archives at Mount Saint Vincent. In 1988, Sister Maureen was elected to the Halifax Provincial Council of the Sisters of Charity, serving for four years. During those years, she was also a part time lecturer in children's literature at Mount Saint Vincent University and taught in the Mount's Literacy Program.

Sister Anne Marie Harlow

A Sister of Charity for 47 years who was missioned at Bon Secours Hospital, Methuen; St. John's Hospital; Family Counseling and Guidance Center; Cambridge Family and Children's, Lowell; Private Practice, Andover.

Sister Cynthia Noble (Brian Michael)

A Sister of Charity for 56 years who was missioned in Our Lady of Perpetual Help School, Vancouver, BC and locally in St. Michael School, North Andover, MA; St. Margaret School, Dorchester; St. Joseph School, Needham; St. Patrick School, Roxbury; Boston College, Chestnut Hill; Holy Name School, West Roxbury; Canton Public Schools, Canton.

Sister Mary Lavers (Mary Jeannette)

Over the years, Sister Mary taught in Cape Breton, Halifax and Dartmouth, specializing in Home Economics, Elementary Education and Reading Resource. She served on the Provincial Elementary Language Arts Curriculum Committee. Following her time in education, Sister worked in parish ministry at Saint Stephen and St. John the Baptist parishes in Halifax.

Sister Mary Hannon (Cecelia Michael)

A Sister of Charity for 70 years who was missioned in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia; Vancouver, British Columbia and locally in Dorchester, Medford, Lawrence, Quincy, Mt. St. Vincent, Wellesley; and Elizabeth Seton Residence, Wellesley.

Sister Maryann Sherlock (Jane Edward)

Sister Maryann (Jane Edward) Sherlock, SC (May 16) in Wellesley. Funeral Services celebrated at Mount Saint Vincent, Wellesley, for the daughter of the late Edward and Rosina (Doyle) Sherlock; and sister of Rosina Cannata, Weymouth; Teresa Pike, Hanover; Jane [...]

Sister Catherine Zimmer (Robert Louise)

A Sister of Charity for 71 years who was missioned in Westmont, NJ, Reserve, Nova Scotia, Jamaica, NY, Brooklyn, NY, Williston Park, NY, Kelowna, British Columbia, Dorchester, Marillac Residence, Wellesley and Elizabeth Seton Residence, Wellesley.

Sister Barbara Sullivan (Robert Timothy)

A Sister of Charity for 60 years who was missioned in Ste. Foy, Quebec; Machester and Derry, NH; St. Patrick's, Lawrence, St. Peter's, Lowell, St. Peter's, Dorchester; South Weymouth, West Roxbury, Randolph and Elizabeth Seton Residence, Wellesley.

Sister Joan Verner (John Christopher)

Sister Joan Verner began her career as a teacher, beginning in the elementary grades, and subsequently in junior and senior high schools. She taught at Resurrection –Ascension, Rego Park, NY (1956-’62); Our Lady’s Convent, Vancouver, BC (1962-’65); as teacher and Principal at St. Anthony Convent, Renton WA (1965-72); and at Sacred Heart, Riverton, NJ (1972-’75). When she was assigned to St. Aidan Convent, Williston Park, NY, she began teaching history and social studies at St. Mary’s Girls High School in Manhasset, NY. Joan was an excellent teacher and also Dean of Discipline. She was serious but witty, and judged always with a sense of fairness. She acted justly.

Sister Margaret Shine

A Sister of Charity for 74 years who was missioned in Halifax, Glace Bay, North Sydney Nova Scotia, Williston Park, and Brooklyn, N.Y. Locally at Lowell, North Andover, Mount Saint Vincent and Elizabeth Seton Residence in Wellesley, Mass.

Sister Maureen Bernius

A Sister of Charity for 58 years who was missioned in Jamaica, NY, Richmond Hill, NY, Rego Park, NY and Marillac Residence at Mount St. Vincent, Wellesley.

Sister Claire Theresa Dill

A Sister of Charity for 73 years who was missioned in Brooklyn, NY and Halifax, Nova Scotia. Locally in Academy of the Assumption, Wellesley; St. Francis of Assisi, Medford; St. Peter, Lowell; St. Patrick, Lawrence; St. Michael, North Andover.

Sister Anne Hegarty (Anne Gerald)

Upon her Profession as a Sister of Charity she was assigned to Saint Joseph’s Parish in Needham, MA. After 5 years in Needham, she was reassigned to St. Peter’s in Lowell, MA where she spent 8 years. For the next 39 years she taught at Lawrence Catholic Academy (formerly St. Patrick Grammar School).

Sister Ann Whalen (Ann Maureen)

Sister Ann graduated with both her Certified Nursing Assistant and her Certified Practical Nursing from the Halifax Infirmary. She began her nursing ministry in Halifax at Mother Berchman’s Residence and the Halifax Infirmary. She continued her nursing ministry in Quebec and New York. In 1981 she was transferred to Halifax Province and resumed nursing at Mother Berchman’s Infirmary. After retiring from Nursing, Sister Ann studied Pastoral Care in Ottawa and carried out her new ministry in Halifax at St. Vincent Guest House, Parkstone Enhance Care, the Sisters of Charity Motherhouse and Caritas Residence.

I see the everlasting hills so near,
and the door of my Eternity so wide open.

Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton

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