Close your eyes for a moment.
And imagine the possibilities …

“If I could choose where I feel challenged and comfortable … where I could explore what more life is asking of me, where would it be?

Simplicity is a virtue I like best …

Saint Vincent de Paul

As Sisters of Charity, we stand with those who walk alone. Our skills are as many as we are … but our vision is one of serving the poor, the suffering, the neglected … those who are lost to everything but love.

Community is a school of love.

Saint Louise de Marillac

Knowing you live with people who accept you at your best … and also your worst … who challenge and console you … sharing, crying, laughing, loving.

One heart, one spirit, one mission.

Life in community … where the dreams of one become the dreams of all. Lives rooted in prayer, service, community … lives nourished by shared hopes and mutual support … lives rooted in love.

The spirit of God works quietly and gently.

Saint Vincent de Paul

If you are looking for something more, you may want to explore possibilities.

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Sister Maryanne Ruzzo in United States

Sister Evelyn Williams in Canada

As one of our Associates says, “When you find a few kindred spirits and you come together with them for prayer, faith-sharing and assisting in ministry, you no longer feel alone on your spiritual journey.”

The SC-Halifax Constitutions state that we “strive to show forth the love of God by serving those in need in a spirit of humility, simplicity, and charity according to the circumstances of the times”. In living in this way, Sisters and Associates share in the saving mission of Jesus, who is the love of God made visible.

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If you imagine yourself giving joyful witness to the love of God and of all persons, regardless of gender, age or religion, you may want to explore the possibility of journeying with us as a volunteer.

The Sisters of Charity Federation hosts an annual service opportunity for young adults.

Living Charity offers service opportunities for anyone looking to help those in need.

Blessed are they who wear themselves out for charity.

Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton