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Sister Mary Beth Moore Visits Water Projects


Following the approval in 2005 of the Corporate stance on Water, we (Sisters of Charity) made significant donations to water projects in Peru. In February 2024, Sister Mary Beth Moore is visiting the sites of the two projects we supported.

Renewal of Vows and Commitment


On December 7, 2022, the eve of the Feast of the Immaculate Conception we joined together (via zoom) as members and associates in a prayer service to renew our vows and  commitment.

Racial Equity: A Personal Call to Love as Christ Loves


A goal of the conference was to have us examine our personal histories and to identify how these influence the ways we resist or reinforce racism. Another goal sought to strengthen the collective input of the FAMVIN by seeking opportunities for service and systemic change.

From Violent to Violet – a Way to Protest


Sister Cathy sews squares for the Violet Protest -- a project that aims to let American congressmen and congresswomen know that so many people support the core values of compassion, compromise, and country over corporate influence. 

Gratitude in a Time of COVID-19


What makes gratitude so important?  Gratitude is an approach to life which recognizes everything as gift. It is a deeply Christian virtue, a recognition that life in all its aspects is not a right to be claimed but a gift to be received.

Encountering Others


Have you noticed that often life happens when we’re planning other things? A collaborative article about our encounters with others.

Peru during Pandemic 2020


We asked S. Catherine Conroy to make contact with some of her friends and colleagues in Peru to see how they were faring during the time of Pandemic 2020.

I Had No Idea


Sister Maryanne Ruzzo give thanks for the call to give joyful witness to the love of God as she celebrates 25 years as a Sister of Charity.

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