Excitement at Caritas – Our Sisters Are Coming Home!

by Sister Maria Sutherland

For weeks we’ve watched (and listened) as the fourth floor is prepared to become a full-scale long-term care unit. The big question – will the five sisters living at Parkstone be able to come to Caritas?

June 10 – Community Day – Sister Joan O’Keefe, from the chapel, broadcasting on channel 1884, tells us that our five sisters may come to Caritas if they choose. Each one had the choice; we soon learned that each one had chosen to come “home”. Shannex had to negotiate to give us the option of having them come here. Thank you, Shannex!

June 22 – the first arrival is Sister Idella Cooke; the plan is for one sister a day. Balloons fly a welcome, and a group of Sisters gathers at the front door, clapping, with happy cries of “Welcome home!”

Sister Idella is coming from LTC to LTC, and is in quarantine for 14 days, so social distancing was expected as one of the protection measures we owe her. The same holds true for each of the others who arrive – Sister Beatrice Thompson on Tuesday; Sister Mary MacIntyre on Wednesday; Sister Maureen O’Neill on Thursday; and Sister Bernadette Murphy on Friday.

There is great rejoicing in Caritas to see the Sisters from Parkstone returned to live among us. They too will be delighted to look out over our beloved Bedford Basin.

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