Letters of Gratitude

Promoting a Movement of Solidarity and Closeness

by Yolanda Diaz, Coordinator of the Commission on Human Mobility and Trafficking in Persons, Diocese of Chiclayo

Due to the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela, more than five million people were forced to leave their land and seek better opportunities in other countries. Peru has received nearly one million Venezuelan citizens. It was not prepared as a country to receive this significant number of people and there were no immigration policies that would ensure better living conditions.

Two years ago, Bishop Robert Prevost Martínez, O.S.A., Bishop of Chiclayo, convened the formation of the Commission on Human Mobility and Trafficking in Persons to assure pastoral care for the migrants. This experience allowed migrants to be organized in 11 districts, forming support teams, and involving the migrants themselves in this evangelizing task. One of the districts is La Victoria where there are around 200 migrant families.

Supporting a Community of Faith to accompany migrants

In La Victoria, the community of faith made up of lay people, formed by the Sisters of Charity and priests from the Archdiocese of Halifax, continue to live their experience of faith and commitment, gather to pray, reflect on the word of the Lord and share experiences that allow them to put solidarity into action. They are accompanied by Sister Martha Loo who visits them every year from Lima and with whom they have a relationship of friendship.

The pandemic generated by the COVID-19 virus aggravated the situation of migrants. They were forced into quarantine and social isolation and needed to abandon the job opportunities they had and to face this moment of emergency very precariously. Very soon economic difficulties and illness affected their lives. The Commission on Human Mobility felt sent by the Lord to go out to meet our brothers and sisters who were at a disadvantage, suffering hunger, sickness, loneliness and abandonment aggravated by the pandemic. “I was hungry and you fed me, I was sick and you came to visit me, I was an outsider and you welcomed me into your home” (Mt.25:34) are the words of Jesus that resonate strongly at this time of Coronavirus.

Gestures of solidarity and closeness

In the face of this situation, there have been many gestures of solidarity that have occurred as signs of the Presence of the Lord, communicating life and hope for his people and encouraging us as a Church to continue in this task of accompanying a suffering people.

The Sisters of Charity have been one of the Congregations during these months of pandemic who have accompanied and encouraged the work that has been carried out by the Commission on Human Mobility in the Diocese of Chiclayo. Through Sister Martha Loo we have received your support, have felt cared for in the most difficult moments. When the disease knocked on the door, she was there and even from a distance, she knew how to help and accompany our healing process and that of other brothers and sisters. Thanks to this help, migrant families and Peruvian families in La Victoria and other places in the diocese, have received food packages and shelter and with these gestures, comes the love of God who does not abandon his people and hope grows. Its presence encourages and generates a movement of solidarity and closeness. Others get involved, generating solidarity with small collections, attending to specific needs, and care for disease, clothing and food. They bear fruits of a faith that is realized in the works of love and mercy, making solidarity grow.

The Christian Community of Friends of La Victoria

Dear Sisters of Charity,

Receive our affectionate greeting and fraternal embraces from the Christian Community of friends in La Victoria, Chiclayo. May the God of Life continue to guide you in all ways.

The whole world and particularly our community is going through very difficult circumstances because of the pandemic that hit us very hard. The need for food, housing, clothing, medicine and other needs has been dramatically exacerbated. The pandemic affected businesses and jobs, leaving much more poverty. In the case of our migrant brothers and sisters from Venezuela, their situation is much more difficult and painful, because they are more unprotected, going so far as to have nothing to eat. A light of hope came to us through Sister Martha Loo. Through donations received from many sources she soon responded to this emergency with food packages and clothing given to the hardest hit families. The miracle of Jesus’ bread was present in sharing with love and humility.

His missionary work continues to extend to the poorest. As Jesus tells us in Mt. 25:35, this is a sign of God’s love present in the life of his people. We have learned together to look at reality with eyes of faith and concrete actions, sharing with those most needy, putting our “grain of sand”. Only then will the future be more hopeful if all families support each other.

In the face of all this reality that surrounds us, we have the privilege of being part of this Christian Community, which lives and is strengthened through actions and gestures of solidarity, which keep it strong and firm, despite the difficulties. The women and men of our Community are the great harvest of God, the fruit of the ministry of great and wonderful women, blessed daughters of St. Elizabeth Seton.

After the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the community, with the presence of the Sisters of Charity, the priests and laity of the Canadian Mission, we strengthened our Christian commitment and we were more encouraged to continue “Walking in Solidarity and Hope” as our anniversary motto said.

Our thanks to Sister Martha for her constant concern and prompt attention to urgent needs, gestures that continue to give joy and hope to families living in poverty. Thank you for so much generosity and solidarity. We are united in prayer and love.

Please receive many blessings for yourselves, your families and friends. Generous hearts like yours reflect God’s love!

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