Nova Scotia Strong

Poem by Roddy Hamilton, a Church of Scotland minister

May we make time, O God, to pause each day

and reflect on what has been, and wonder:

what has been worth holding on to;

what has encouraged us; what has strengthened us;

what has hurt us; what have we questioned?

And in such reflection, may we begin to discover

what is lasting, what is worth holding on to,

what is worth letting go, and in such choices,

may we choose the kind of future

that is waiting for us when the doors open,

and we reshape the world once more.


Prayers and Love at Home and all over the World

by Sister Joan O’Keefe

On April 18 and 19 Nova Scotia experienced a mass shooting, the number unheard of before in Canada.  Twenty-two loved ones killed and others injured leaving hundreds of people devastated by the loss.

The sadness has been overwhelming for many knowing how much hurt the families of the victims feel.  In Nova Scotia there are hardly any degrees of separation.  It seemed the next persons with whom you spoke had their hearts broken as well; they were friends of the cousins of one of the victims.

The air had been heavy worrying about all who were ill with the virus in Nova Scotia and many other places. There was a lot of grieving already for people who died of COVID 19 and other reasons.

On April 29 there was a Canadian Service Helicopter crash and six people died. One was Abbigail Cowbrough from Dartmouth. She had played the bagpipes on the deck of her ship on the previous Friday to honour those who had died during the mass shooting and their families  We wept again.

Dealing with all of this as a large community and including all the personal losses among Sisters, Associates, colleagues, neighbours and other friends and not being able to give people real hugs is more than a challenge. We keep hope alive knowing how blessed we have been by the prayers and love at home and all over the world.


Sisters at Caritas Residence with candles in their windows to show their support of the 22 victims in Nova Scotia.

Wait Until the Sun-Shout Sister Choir Directors

From YouTube:

Shout Sister Directors came together to pass a piece of our hearts and spirit to our Nova Scotian friends and reminding fellow Canadians to Wait Until the Sun comes up. A new day means new chances and possibilities. Shout Sister! Choir is an all-inclusive community choir for women founded by Georgette Fry in Kingston in 2012. We take an unorthodox and enjoyable approach to choral singing. The focus is on relaxing and having fun. Our members enjoy fellowship and mutual support in addition to joyful singing. We have 25 Chapters across Ontario. Our repertoire includes a wide range of music designed specifically for inexperienced singers (experienced singers also find it a welcome change!), aiming to increase the member’s confidence while they enjoy all of the benefits that come with the experience of singing together in a group.

Johnny Reid – People Like You

From YouTube:

Dedicated to the people of Nova Scotia and the 22 angels up there looking down.

More Charity Alive – May 2020

Nova Scotia Strong

We keep hope alive knowing how blessed we have been by the prayers and love at home and all over the world.

Charity Alive – April 2020

When This Is Over

Covid 19, the pandemic, will end but the experience will continue to inform our memories, thoughts and behaviours for some time to come.

El Salvador Water Project

The members of our Water Project committee, Mabel Najarro, Maureen Wild, Kay Conroy, Carrie Flemming, Cecilia Hudec and Maryanne Ruzzo, as well as all the Sisters, are thrilled that our first water project in Chalatenango, El Salvador is complete.

Regional Meetings

Regional Meetings brought together Sisters and Associates, from all over  to reflect on Sister Peggy O'Neill's talk from the Federation Assembly last May.

From the Archives – Bermuda

At the request of Archbishop O’Brien, four Sisters departed Halifax on February 15th 1890 and arrived in Bermuda after four days at sea. On March 3rd, 1890, they opened Mount Saint Agnes Academy. The Sisters owned and operated the school until 1975, when they transferred ownership to the Diocese of Hamilton.

Issues of Charity Alive

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