Assembly 2023

In this issue of Charity Alive, we have asked some of our writers to recapture the Assembly experience from their perspectives.

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Bridge Group 2023 Assembly

We met as a whole once again on the afternoon of June 1st, taking advantage of the free afternoon before the start of Assembly 2023.

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Associate Assembly Meeting 2023

The best way to describe our Associate gathering on June 2nd is to celebrate it as our first Hybrid Associate Gathering: “Zoom and In-person”.

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From the Archives — Immaculata Hospital

The Sisters founded Immaculata Hospital in rural Westlock, Alberta at the beginning of what would be a time of expansion in the community under Mother Mary Louise Meahan.

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Women Working Together

As you read the articles in this month’s Charity Alive we hope that these will just be the beginning  of sharing your own experiences of this gift of love revealed in community.

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Collaboration is the Answer, Within and Without

Vancouver Collective against Sexual Exploitation is a non-partisan group of diverse individuals and organizations united as a single voice to end all forms of sexual exploitation.

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When looked at from a global perspective, remedies seem daunting. Yet, when focused on individual choices, small things do make a difference.  Sustainability calls each of us to think globally but act very locally.

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