S. Maureen Wild recently wrote a children’s book about a beloved Mini Schnauzer, Lexi, who died unexpectedly and too soon last fall.  Maureen was Lexi’s ‘Aunty-Mom’ for three years and loved this sweet little dog.  As a result of encouragement from friends, family, neighbours (and Lexi’s vet!) who read the initial copy, the book is now published!  And, it is available on both Amazon.ca  and Amazon.com.

The Story of Lexi, And A Dream That Follows Her

It’s a true story, with photos throughout and special cartoon illustrations done by west coast artist, Paul Grignon.  S. Maureen says, “Though the story has the power to touch the hearts of many, whether children or adults, I hope it’s especially consoling to those who have experienced heartbreaking loss, losses that came too soon and unexpectedly.  Death doesn’t have the last word in this story. Love does!”