Feast Day: May 9

The suffering of so many of our sisters and brothers who seek a life of freedom from poverty, war, violence and slavery of any kind is overwhelming. In the face of this we are called to live the charism of charity more openly and urgently than ever. One of the most compelling crises today is that of the refugees in Syria.  We want to think that there has never been a time in history like this, and perhaps that is true.  But Louise lived through similar circum-stances and the Charity of Christ impelled her to action she never could have imagined.  Our challenge is to listen to how Louise speaks to us in our world today and to respond as she did.  As we pray today on her feast day, we ask her to remind us of the call of our charism and of the call of the oppressed in the war-torn countries of the world and in our little corners of the world and to help us to allow the Charity of Christ to impels us!

Click here to download a prayer service prepared by Sister Esther Plefka